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Hi 👋🏽 !! I'm Dheekshana.

I'm always discovering fresh ways to create meaningful and enjoyable experiences that bring real value to the people, communities, and organizations I belong to.

Always exploring exciting ways to craft delightful experiences that add value to the fantastic people, communities and groups I am a part of. 🌟

Growing up in India and UAE, I adored tradition, art, and stunning architecture, and that's when my design adventure began. With an Industrial Engineering background, I sharpened my problem-solving skills. But as I delved deeper, I got hooked on the stories we craft, the routines we create, and the connections we build with products & technology.

This fascination led me to the world of design, where I found the convergence of 'the human' and 'the art.' I firmly believe that while art can be a means of self-expression, design empowers users to articulate their thoughts and desires through the products they use.

My journey is driven by two goals: to connect more closely with the people who interact with technology daily and to embrace the responsibility that comes with this connection. I eagerly welcome the opportunity to craft products that enhance tech experiences and contribute to the meaningful evolution of our digital world. The blend of creativity and responsibility remains the driving force behind my pursuit of design.

I am always up for some chai and a chat. Contact me at, 

My Non-work Adventures

In my free time, catch me sketching on my iPad, busting moves in Indian classical dance, baking, and spinning tales for my niece and nephew. I even dabble in freelance branding gigs, just to keep my creative juices flowing with brand research, colors, and logos!

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