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Hi ! I am an UX designer who enjoys problem solving with a focus on users through evidence based methods. 

Master in Industrial and Product Design from Georgia Institute of Technology. 
UX Intern at Cisco - Summer 2020
Product Designer at Cisco - June 2021

Interaction Design 


projector/controller displays an interactive game that users play to stay sustainable in the kitchen. 

Service design

Crunch Meet 

Redesigning the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference investor experience. 


Wearable Technology design


A smart bracelet connected to a mobile application to promote healthy eating habits in students 

eatright_home page .png

Human-Machine Interaction

Instrument cluster design for level-3 autonomous car

Instrument cluster information design to calibrate users trust towards Level-3 autonomous car. The three design variations explore how a takeover requirement is communicated to the user. An in-person user-study evaluated the designs for trust calibration, workload and reaction time.

Download Presentation 

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