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A Product Designer Passionate about Strategic Design

My approach is grounded in advocating for evidence-based design solutions. I'm on a journey to make a difference while having a blast, aiming to be empathetic, a creative innovator and a problem solver. Together, we'll craft an open, collaborative space that fuels design adventures! 

Product Designer at Cisco
Master in Industrial and Product Design, Georgia Tech


Enterprise UX

Innovating User Experience at Cisco

Explore my work at Cisco, dedicated to improving the end to end user experience of a legacy system and establishing holistic design process through UXR, design system maintenance and more. 


Interaction Design 


projector/controller displays an interactive game that users play to stay sustainable in the kitchen. 

Human-Machine Interaction

Instrument cluster design for level-3 autonomous car

Instrument cluster information design to calibrate users trust towards Level-3 autonomous car. The three design variations explore how a takeover requirement is communicated to the user. An in-person user-study evaluated the designs for trust calibration, workload and reaction time.

Frame 4.png

Wearable Technology design


A smart bracelet connected to a mobile application to promote healthy eating habits in students 

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