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Hello ! I am Dheekshana.

Product Designer @ Cisco

A designer fusing technology with empathetic problem solving and innovation to create meaningful human connection. Together, we'll craft an open, collaborative space that fuels design adventures! 🚀


Enterprise UX

Innovating User Experience at Cisco

Explore my work at Cisco, dedicated to improving the end to end user experience of a highly technical legacy system and establishing holistic design process through collaboration, visual design, UXR, design system maintenance and more. 


Interaction Design


Discover the process behind this design solution that promotes sustainability in the kitchen, featuring a projector display and game interaction solution.  

Human-Machine Interaction

Instrument cluster design for level-3 autonomous car

Designing for future tech comes with its set of challenges. I adapted the design process with varied research methods, immersive user testing, and more. I also delved into the intricate psychology of human trust in technology. 

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Wearable Technology design


Combining the strengths of a physical and digital product to encourage healthy eating habits in students. Fueled by design tools like personas and participatory design made it an engaging and effective experience. 

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